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Barleywine season is officially here!


Stouts and porters get all of the attention this time of year. But there's another favorite brew that the craft beer community can't get enough of in the winter months: barleywine! And lucky for us, it is barleywine season. So get our your favorite snifter, snuggle up next to a fire, and drink along with us as we highlight a few of our favorite barleywines!


Firestone Walker Sucaba

In 2012, Sucaba by the California's Firestone Walker Brewing Company was hard to come by. Lucky for us eight years later, it's easy to get your hands on. But easy access doesn't diminish how delicious this beer is! With nearly 4.5 stars on Untappd, it's a luscious beer you should pair with a snowy day and dark chocolate.


Alementary Brewing Co. Gourdless

We can't have a post about barleywine season without highlighting an awesome New Jersey barleywine! Gourdless is a smooth drinker, and will be a particular favorite among tea drinkers. After you pick up a four-pack to enjoy at home, we recommend you take a visit to their tasting room in Hackensack.


Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot

Weyerbacher is an absolute legend in eastern Pennsylvania. And Blithering Idiot (no, we're not calling you an idiot) is about enjoying the finer things in life. Indulge with this beer on a day where you can relax. Pick up a literary classic or channel your inner Hemingway and start your own masterpiece. A note for beer cellarists: This one ages well! Plan your vertical now and make sure to pick up Blithering Idiot once a year through 2023. By then, you'll have a nice range of flavors to compare and discuss. But hold onto these beers past three years at your own risk.


Jack's Abby Cousin Maker Barleywine Style Lager

Barleywine is a big style. If you're not quite ready to try a big beer yet, go with this Jack's Abby brew. Jack's Abby is a Massachusetts brewery that does traditional styles well. Whether you're into barleywines or not, you'll love this one!


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