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Prost! Oktoberfest is Here!

Prost! Oktoberfest is Here!

Written by: Vic Cammarota


Oktoberfest season is finally here! And although the traditional German celebration has been
canceled again due to the global pandemic, the beer has still been brewed and therefore must be


Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer festival, dates back to 1810 when it was held in celebration
of the Kronprinz Ludwig-Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen wedding. The festival lasts 16 to 18-
days and takes place in Munich, Germany from mid-September through to the first Sunday in
October. With more than 6 million visitors hosted each year, people from all over the world visit
Germany to enjoy rides, live music, food, parades, horse races, and, of course, some of the best

beer in the world.

It’s not just any brew that can make its way into this celebration however. To be served at the
Munich Oktoberfest, the beer must abide by the strict rules of Reinheitsgebot (AKA German
beer regulatory laws) and must be brewed within the city limits of Munich.
Although the celebrations in Munich are the most famous, other breweries across the globe have
picked up the tradition, even crafting their own Oktoberfest lagers! Below is a list of our top five

Oktoberfest beers, brewed and crafted outside of Munich.


 Ayinger Oktober-Fest Märzen (Aying, Germany) – Very traditional in style. Deep amber
color with a nice malty flavor. Medium to full-bodied, this is the ideal Oktoberfest for
firepit evenings in late September!

$10.99/4pk – 5.8% ABV

 ERDINGER Oktoberfest (Erding, Germany) – An Oktoberfest of its own, this selection
offers the best of two Germanic beer worlds — Oktoberfest and Hefeweizen. Although
this wheat-based Märzen wouldn’t be found at the Munich celebration, it is a tried and
true favorite, and usually the first one to sell out at NJWineSeller.

$9.99/6pk – 5.7% ABV

 Rothaus Märzen / Eiszäpfle (Grafenhausen, Germany) – If you’re not a fan of deep,
malty, amber-colored Oktoberfest beer, then this is the one for you. On the lighter side,
this Märzen pours out golden in color, like their Pilsner, but with a slightly heavier and
more bready body. On the finish, you will notice a nice hop bitterness to round out its

fuller body. It is also worth noting that this is the first year NJWineSeller will be stocking
these bottles and we are incredibly excited!
$14.99/6pk – 5.6%ABV

 Cape May Oktoberfest (Cape May, NJ) – Quite possibly our favorite beer made right
here in the United States, Cape May Brewing’s Oktoberfest showcases all traditional
German malts and is slowly brewed to perfection. A rich, amber color with smooth,
complex malt flavors makes this lager a must-have every Oktoberfest season

$11.99/6pk – 5.8%ABV

 von Trapp Brewing Oktoberfest (Stowe, VT) – Brewed with both light and dark Munich
malts, this Märzen shows all the caramel and toffee notes you would want in this style
with a light, subtle bitterness from the German hop selection added. It is very much a
traditional style just a light twist from the Austrian lager-loving von Trapp family.

$10.99/6pk – 5.6% ABV



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