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Many customers come to me on a daily basis asking 1) what I am drinking and 2) what do I think is REALLY good beer. While Iím not able to list everything I like without it taking up hours of our customersí time, I thought it would be appropriate to start a discussion on what I am drinking. I have told many customers that I have a refrigerator full of singles that breweries and/or distributors have asked me to taste. Starting this past weekend, I have decided to make a concerted effort to try and compare a number of beers (for marketing research purposes only, obviously). It is hard for me to give a solid number that I will taste just yet, mostly because my progress is dictated by my availability and if I have someone to taste each beer with. As we all know, it is more fun if you have someone with you to discuss what you are drinking.

That being said, when I got home from work on Saturday night, I opened one of the beers given to me by Jug handle Brewing, located in Tinton Falls. I enjoy most of their beers and, in particular for this time of year I think Juggernaut (porter with toasted coconut and vanilla 8.1%ABV) is close to perfect, but I digress (which is a beer by Springdale), I was given an unmarked can, it was a barley wine. Now barley wines are normally very high in alcohol with ABVs (Alcohol by Volume) in the range of 9 Ė 17%, and they are low in carbonation. The color was an amber and not hoppy, and it was closer to an English style Barley Wine than a typical American style. Regardless, I thought it was really good. The taste had more malt than most. These are not hoppy beers and are definitely not for hopheads. Beers like these are made for the weather we are heading in to, as they will warm you from the inside out. We do have a keg of this coming, so keep checking for what the latest draft on tap at The Bar at NJWineSeller.

We have two barley wines in the store for sale that you need to get your hands on if you love a good beer,...

Firestone Walker Sucaba which was given 100 points on Beer Advocate

Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot which is always one of my favorites.

My job is to bring in beer that you will love. Iíll give my unbiased opinion on different styles through this blog and am looking forward to exploring this with you all, my fellow beer-connoisseurs. Over the next few blogs I will taste a sour, an IPA or two or three, and some ciders and stouts or porters. Stay tuned!

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Happy Tasting

Written By: Eric
Your Beer Guy

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