Wine Bar

NJWineSeller’s new Green Brook location has a hidden gem among its vast retail space. That gem is
a fine wine and craft beer bar that offers wine by the glass, craft beer on tap, growlers, and inspired
dishes, full of flavor and able to satisfy every craving.

The bar boasts a unique offering of both personal and shared experiences. With weekly happy hours,
fun events, and exclusive food and wine pairings, this buzzing social spot is able to fit every occasion.
Whether you’re looking for hearty meals, share-worthy apps, vegetarian, or healthy options, you’ll
find exactly what you’re looking for at this expansive, upscale bar. Not sure what wine you want to
purchase in our retail liquor store? Get a beer or wine flight and pick the perfect bottle with

                  Bar Hours:                                                                  Kitchen Hours
Monday-Thursday: 12PM-9PM                     Monday-Thursday: 12PM-8:00PM
Friday-Saturday: 12PM-10PM                       Friday-Saturday:12PM-9PM           
Sunday:11AM-8PM                                              Sunday:11:30AM-7PM

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